Addi hat viele Accessoires, um das Stricken und Häkeln angenehmer zu gestalten


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860-2 addiNest
Felt case for up to 11 addiCraSyTrio short needle sets
407-2 AddiLove
Stitch markers in the form of little red Addi hearts
416-2 Addi Stitchfix
When clicked onto an Addi cord, it prevents the knitted piece from sliding down onto the circular needle
413-2 AddiToGo
With AddiToGo, the stitches stay where they are meant to - on the needles. Ideal to secure stitches on circular needles. Now available in packs of 10 (433-7/434-7)
412-0 Counting Frame
409-7 Needle & Hook Gauge
404-7 Needle Gauge with Knife
405-0 Needle Gauge without Knife
420-7 Addi Moon
Endless pompom fun. 4 ring sizes that easily open and operate
414-7 Row Counters
415-7 Electronic Row Counter
921-0 25 Darning Needles
902-7 10 Assorted Darning Needles
482-7 Cable Stitch Pin 7&10mm
280-7 Thimble ring
Yarn quide from spring steel, to make stranded colourwork easier
608-7 Embroidary Scissors
609-2 Stainless Steel Scissor w. 3 different functions
610-9 Organiser for 10 sets of DPNs
528-9 Wooden Box - Knitting Needles
529-9 Wooden Box - Circular Needles
530-9 Wooden Box - Crochet Hooks
Horsty and Owlie (871-0 & 873-0)
Crochet Stories from Owl Country
182-7 Stitch Holders
418-0 Mohair Brush
496-2 Lint Remover
Batteries not included
502-0 Latch Rug Hook
699-7 Heart Stopper
For effortless Tunisian style crocheting with AddiClick Hook crochet hooks, or, you can simply 'park' your needlework on an Addi cord
768-7 AddiClick SOS Cords
The SOS lifeline cords allow you to mark and secure a line when knitting complicated patterns, if you need to unravel some rows. Contains 3 cords (60, 80 & 100cm lengths)
600-2 Organiser for 10-20 Circular Needles
491-2 Magnifying Glass w. neck strap
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